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Over the last 30 years, I have lectured and worked for over 400 police departments around the world. I have worked for the FBI, NSA and a bunch of federal agencies known by letters in the US. I was twice President of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology, the Executive director for twelve years, winner of the Italian Premio Pysche Award, a Diplomate in Police Psychology, board certified in Police and Public Safety Psychology and awarded many other credentials. My books, articles and other publications have reached many thousands around the globe and I plan to expand that reach with Inside Police Psychology. I’ve always prided myself on being a connector, bringing the people together that have the intelligence and persistence to create long-lasting impact. Creating this website was naturally the next step in advancing the field of police psychology for the direct benefit of our men and women in law enforcement.

Before the launch of Inside Police Psychology, I wrote a series of children’s books that put police officers, teachers, nurses and civil servants back into the hero spotlight. My life has been dedicated to a positive impact on the police community. Recently, I’ve had to opportunity to work closely with local police organizations to spread the word that every officer can have access to the site’s content free of charge. I do everything that I can to make sure more people receive these free articles that can change their life. My guest authors as well as office staff have made great contributions to the Inside Police Psychology community. Every day I watch our subscriber list and visitors grow and nothing makes me happier.

I am always open to speaking with my subscribers about their topics of interest and with potential writers for the blog. Please reach out to me at sineater@msn.com if you have any comments, concerns or would like to become a guest author.

I am the author of the following books:

My Dad’s a Hero…My Dad’s a Cop
My Mom’s a Hero…My Mom’s a Cop

My Mom’s a Hero…My Mom’s a Correctional Officer
My Dad’s a Hero… My Dad’s a Correctional Officer

Gary Aumiller Books

Keeping It Simple
Red Flags! How to Know You’re Dating a Loser
Walk Like a Chameleon: Animal Instincts that Guide Your Relationships and Your Life

So enjoy this site.  Learn, read, and comment so we can all learn from you.

The Hero Books are available on Amazon.

Please no advertisements and no excessively negative comments.  They will not be tolerated.

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