Thin Blue Mind Courses

The Thin Blue Mind Courses

The Jaws of Life for the Police Soul

Dr. Gary Aumiller is launching an online teaching series dedicated to helping men and women in law enforcement achieve their mental health goals. These courses will run up to around 90 minutes, broken up into 5 to 7 minute videos and will be dedicated to topics such as: divorce, suicide, stress, panic/anxiety attacks, PTSD, morale, motivation leadership, and much more. Our goal is education and entertainment.  Think of it as BlueTube videos.  We want to be the best thing you will see on a computer and the most memorable.  We want to do experiences that hold the attention of our audience.  The listing of programs to start in the fall is below.

PTSD in First Responders
Divorce in First Responders
Panic/Anxiety Attacks
Keeping It Simple
Stress: Institutional Stress
Stress: Operational Stress
Stress: Traumatic Stress
Stress:   Lifestyle Stress
Police and First Responder  Suicide
Rumors and Urban Legends in Police and Corrections Communities
Inconsistency of Eyewitness Testimony
Building Morale and Motivation
Domestic Violence in the Ranks
Heart Health and Being a First Responder
From Military to First Responder
Psychological Preparation for Special Units and Assignments
Open Heart Surgery:  How to Recover, and What You Could Lose
Intelligence and Counterintelligence
Risk Assessment and Cop Paranoia
Police Culture
Threat Assessment on the Job
Hostage Negotiation: Psych Issues
Building Morale in Hard Times
From Military to Police Officer

The world has changed, and we are trying at Inside Police Psychology to match that change. While the world has been living on YouTube videos and webinar programs for education, there has never been such a such a service particularly for public safety personnel and their health and well-being. Perhaps one video could help an officer keep his job, or keep an officer from swallowing his gun, or stop an officer from having a heart attack, or stop a panic attack, or mend irritable bowel syndrome. Or, maybe stop an officer from using his hands when it is not necessary. Helping this segment of the population helps us all.

Dr. Aumiller has a way of presenting that can help all people in uniform and without a uniform. The courses will be offered to all, as anyone can benefit from the techniques. We expect, however, that most of our viewers initially will be from law enforcement because after 32 years in the population, they have built up the trust for Dr. Aumiller and his list of guest authors, presenters, and developers. But just as with the website Inside Police Psychology, anyone can join and learn.


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