Mission Statement

Police Officers carry a heavy badge. They are burdened with the stress, life complications and a duty to protect our communities. In recent months, their burdens have been multiplied by a media determined attract attention by bashing the men and women in law enforcement. After serving the law enforcement community for 35 years, I, along with a band of police psychologists, are fighting back. We are trying to get as many officers to read our innovative content on wellness and resilience as possible and we are offering it free of charge.

Our mission is simple: improve the well-being aGary-Aumiller-300x300nd resilience of our police force and beyond. Inside Police Psychology brings together prominent psychologists, leaders in policing and other guest writers on a bi-weekly basis. Since its founding in 2014 by Dr. Gary Aumiller, the newsletter has become a roaring success among subscribers and we hope to attract a thousand more subscribers over the next few months. In order to continuously achieve and build on the newsletter’s mission statement, Dr. Gary Aumiller will be expanding content offering to online educational seminars, training for law enforcement officers and psychologists and other regular video content addressing topics such as stress, trauma and organizational behavior.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Gary Aumiller at sineater@msn.com for comments, concerns or to give financial support to the newsletter.


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