My Dad’s A Cop

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The Finding Heroes Project recognizes the HEROES that are the local fireman, policemen, teachers, nurses, doctors, correctional officers, business persons and soldiers that keep us all safe and keep the world functioning. By printing books dedicated to the normal people who are dedicated to us, we can begin to turn the minds of children to appreciate their hero dads and moms who are in their life every day.

This book is professionally authored, illustrated and printed by people whose other work includes some of the top publishers in the industry.

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This is a children’s book about the work of a police officer and the variety of things that a cop does during his day. It follows two children whose father is a cop and deals with not only with what their daddy does during the day, but the psychological aspect of the job. It is uplifting and a good primer for a parent to talk to a child about the work being done by police officers. The also book includes a guide to talking to your children about the job of an officer and helping them understand daddy’s commitment to the public.



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