Walk Like a Chameleon

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From avoiding someone of an animal type that could cause your emotional extinction to using your instinctual skills to impress your boss, Walk Like a Chameleon will show you how to tap into your unique animal qualities to improve your relationships and your life.

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When a coworker takes credit for a job you did, do you go on the attack, like a shark? Do you run away like a rabbit after an argument with your boyfriend?

There are eight instinctual survival personalities that are found in the animal kingdom: the Clinger (remora fish), the Blender (chameleon), the Caretaker (dolphin), the Combiner (dog), the Asserter (porcupine), the Competitor (fox), the Avoider (rabbit), and the Attacker (shark). By understanding the imprint nature has made on our personalities, Gary S. Aumiller, Ph.D., believes we can improve our relationships and gear our lives toward greater success. In this one-of-a-kind guide you’ll discover:


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