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Police Psychology | Getting Off the Floor

by an Anonymous Reader


Do you remember the first few minutes before you entered the police academy as a recruit? There were a million thoughts running through your mind. You landed the greatest job in the world and now you are going to get some of the best training ever.  You probably thought I am going to be trained on everything from a car stop to recovering evidence at a homicide scene.  I’m going to be in the best shape ever by running and lifting weights, learn how use defensive tactics, and learn how to shoot a pistol. It just dawned on you that you are going to be “that” person who is requesting you to go a 911 to handle anything.  Sounds exciting!

What happens when you have a few years on the job and you come across the “S” word? The “S word I am referring to is Stress. Stress comes in so many different forms for officers.  You may find out one day anxiety, Police Psychologyduring a physical exam you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  You may find you can’t sleep at night.  You are more irritable and moody than ever before. You are breathing heavily. Your heart rate is through the roof. You are constantly nervous.  You worry about everything.  You don’t want to make a mistake. Everyone is watching your every move.  That’s how I ended up on the floor! (more…)

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