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Police Psychology | Night of the Living Binge

by Gary S. Aumiller, Ph.D.  ABPP

I’ve got to have some chocolate before dinner. Where is it?  Wait there’s some cheese.  I could eat this cheese instead.  Where’s the knife?  Hell I don’t need a knife, I could eat the whole chunk of cheese in two bites.  drinking policeOkay, now what else, I’m still hungry.  How about those potato chips?  There less than a third of the bag.  Let me eat those.  I’ll keep looking through here.  Hello, a slice of old pizza! That is a piece of heaven.  Let me just eat you, you poor little neglected pizza right now.  I love cold pizza, wait, is that the chicken parm from Tuesday?  Hell, if someone doesn’t eat that it is going to be bad tomorrow. I could go for some chicken parm, after all my wife is making salmon cakes tonight and I never liked salmon cakes, and I didn’t have much lunch, and man this is good!  Now where was that chocolate?  Ahh, I think I see chocolate – nah, just Cocoa Puffs.  Well that is chocolate flavored, let me take a handful of that. Wait, there’s the chocolate. Mmm, nothing like the real thing. SLAM.  The front door opens.

“Hi honey, I thought we’d go out for dinner tonight.  I don’t feel like cooking.”

“Yes dear. I’m ready. Let’s go have some dinner…..”  Despite eating enough calories to choke a hippo, you go and have dinner, and boy do you feel it later that night. (more…)

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