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Police Psychology | I Can’t Stop Now!


Police psychology has to deal with numbers of issues, but one that we often misdiagnose follows.

“Hey! HEY !!! What the hell are you doing?”

“I’M CLEANING OUT YOUR DRIVEWAY. What’s it look like?”

“Tim, there is a 50-70 mile an hour wind. The snow is still coming down, like hard you know. It is a blizzard, no it is a snow hurricane. It’s not safe.”police psychology, snow scene We duck as the wind carries a five foot wide unidentifiable piece of hard black plastic over our heads.

“Don’t worry. The snow blower is heavy so I won’t take off and be flying around.”

“What?! Get inside Tim. I’ll handle this tomorrow when the winds are done.”

“Nah, I got to get our driveways done before the playoff games at 3. You don’t need to stay.”

Of course I am going to stay and shovel. I can’t let the guy do my driveway all by himself, but I HATED IT! Blizzards are not fun with the wind-blown snow is acting like tiny shards of ice attacking your face. And of course the next day it is drifted as if we never touched it. Lord, transport me to a condo on the beach please!

Ever wonder what motivates some people to do this kind of thing, to persist beyond what is necessary, to not see the whole picture and the possibly cause damage by their actions? (more…)

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