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Police Psychology | Control Freaks!


In police psychology, we know how to pick them out. “It’s my way or the highway!” they cleverly say, as if those words were ever original thoughts. Or, “If you want something done police psychology, control freak, police stressright, you have to do it yourself,” more originality.  Maybe they just offer “constructive criticism” or offer to help you change to make yourself happier, by mentioning something over and over again. “You shouldn’t have dessert my dear, you look like you’ve put on a little weight,” they tell you so innocently. “Next time we’ll do it your way, this time let’s do it right,” all mantras of their type. Then there’s the “worst case scenario,” a fear mongers way of controlling your every word. Yep, you can hear them by their language, see them by their actions, and sense them by their demeanor. They are the CONTROL FREAKS!!

We have let them in our neighborhoods as they riddle our masses with their controlling ideas. We have let them in our organizations as they wreak havoc on the boardroom and make a fun group into a high school student government arguing about Robert’s Rules of Order. And, many of us, have let them in our home as they work to criticize our every attempt at reaching our own conclusions by controlling our brains. The “control freak” knows no boundaries on letting loose emotions so that we want to just shut them up anyway we can. They make us desperate for air as they waterboard our sensibilities, our preference for logic and reason.  We either step in line with their desires or suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous criticism, threats and become bumbling idiots in their micromanaged world. Fear the control freak, but understand you must treat them as an active shooter in your place of work. Let me explain that one…. (more…)

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