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Investigating “G.I. Joe” | A Critical Incident

Chief George Filenko      Guest Author

The events of September 1, 2015 were a life changing experience not only for me but for thousands of officers that somehow became a part of the Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz saga.  

On that hot, humid, sunny day radio traffic no officer ever wants hear was broadcast, “Officer Down. Lt. Joseph “GI Joe” Gliniewicz had been found mortally shot.

  Nothing could prepare my team, or me, for the roller coaster ride of emotions we were about to experience for the next two months.  The stress, pressure, both internal and external would take a toll on even the most seasoned veteran.

Recently I was discussing this case with one of my Assistant Commanders.  He made a comment that he felt that I was going to quit the case twice.  I laughed at his observation and responded telling him, at a point “I considered quitting everyday!”

  The national climate was such that another killing of a police officer seemed as if the police were under attack.  The national media immediately occupied the town of Fox Lake. The parking lot of the small town police station was filled with satellite trucks displaying banners of every known media outlet in the country.  Several police officers had been murdered throughout the country within the past two weeks.  The interest in the the slaying of another police officer, especially one with the name “GI Joe,” was too much temptation not to cover.  This incident went viral immediately. (more…)

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