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Police Psychology | Managing Differences in a Healthy Marriage

by Doug Gentz, Ph.D. – Tulsa, Oklahoma


All marriages start, and in some cases, end in court houses. This is because the state officially recognizes marriage as a legal business partnership. The partners in a marriage, just like in any other formal business partnership, share liabilities, assets, and authority in decision making. Partners need to get along with each other in the process of managing day to day operating challenges and in accomplishing their long term goals.

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Even if you could marry your clone, you would still have differences. All partners in a marriage have differences which often create conflict. Sometimes couples can eliminate a difference if one person agrees to make a change that resolves the disparity; although the longer you’re together, the less frequently this will probably happen. For the most part you will have a lot more success in changing yourself than changing your partner. The sooner you accept that, the better. (more…)

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