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Sports to Law Enforcement: Seven Success Lessons from Sports

 Guest Blogger

Dr. Bill Cottringer has worked and taught in the criminal justice field for over 50 years and currently serves as Executive VP for Puget Sound Security companies in Bellevue, WA.  He has published 9 books and over 250 professional articles. He is also a sports psychologist and success expert on

The field of sports has a live-or-die success decree which offers criminal justice personnel a treasure chest of wealth on how to win critical battles and deal with crisis.  Successful sports teams understand many Rugby, police psychologyobstacles must be overcome which impede success. Roadblocks occur when things don’t go as planned, with either Plan A, B or C, quickly go South past the point of no return.   What you don’t know from the “black box” is what often kills you in the end.

Here are seven useful lessons learned from sports failures to apply to your criminal justice work in tough situations.  Doing as many of these things as you can will help you and your team get the best possible outcome in the worst of situations.

 1.  The achievement of success in anything requires a well thought-out and well-practiced plan. This takes focus and effort and even more flexibility and adaptability to make required course corrections when the right time comes. Visualize the steps to the outcome you want.  One coach even has his players practice the celebration of winning a game after the third quarter.   Figure out how to get there before you take the first step toward you goal. (more…)

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