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Police Psychology:  Killed in the Line of Duty:  A Different Peer Team Story

Susan Ciano    Guest Author

The doorbell rang at 7am. I really did not give it much thought, it was most likely my husband.  Glen returning home from working a 9pm – 7am shift as a Suffolk County Police Officer.Approaching the door I noticed 2 people standing on the stoop. I thought it was Glen and a friend from high school. Opening the door with the thoughts of teasing about keys, I was dumbfounded by who was there.  Standing in front of me was a Suffolk Police Chaplain and Glen’s partner Nancy. Beyond them in small scattered groups were the men and women from Glen’s squad.

My heart broke as I realized my husband and best friend was never coming home again.  It was February 22nd, 2009, a car fire burned my husband alive.  Glen was going to assist another officer with a stolen vehicle and was killed by a drunk driver. (more…)

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Police Psychology | “BRING A BUDDY”

By: Marla Friedman, Psy.D. PC
Police Psychologist
Executive Board-Badge of Life

For years I have been training First Responders on the importance of seeking and maintaining good mental health. As you can imagine I’ve come up against a lot of resistance. Fighting the stigma related to pursuing good mental health is an ongoing battle. I do believe my peers and I have made some positive inroads in this area. However there is still a lot of work to be done.

An interesting experience happened recently that made me think I may have found another technique that may make it easier for officers to come for their Mental Health Check-In (O’Hara, 2006) or for psychotherapy when indicated. (more…)

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